Public Domain Pictures

When you want to avoid breaching copyright laws when it comes to using photos from the internet for free, the simplest way is to use pictures that are already in the Public Domain.

What is the Public Domain?

A photo is said to be “in the Public Domain” when it is not in copyright, i.e. the conditions of copyright have passed; this occurs in one of two ways:

  • The person who took the photo passes away and 70 years have passed.
  • The person who takes the photo waives their rights to it and dedicates it to the Public Domain.

Once a photo is in the Public Domain, it is free for anyone to use, in any way they wish.

Conclusion Public Domain Pictures

Even though most photos on the internet are protected by copyright, there still are a number of ways that you can use and distribute some of them. Public Domain Public Domain Pictures is one of the good options available

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